Portfolio of Debarati Roy

From animating pixels to weaving wonders, I've traded my digital brush for the tactile dance of fibers. Five years in the animation realm sculpted my creativity, but now I'm stitching stories into textiles. I learned the basics of weaving from none other than my mom, so shout-out to her for passing down her knowledge of fine art collages, later on I've developed my weaving skills. Here is some of my gallery pieces. Let's unravel the artistry together! 🧵✨

Forest green weaving art piece

The Cedar Forest

From the series "Enchanted Beadscapes" an extraordinary fusion of materials inspired by the enchanted forest of Princess Mononoke

Material: Cotton threads, acrylic yarns, recycled cloths, merino wool, glass beads, plastic beads, tree branch, felt

flowers forest green weaving art piece
weaving art piece
sunset weaving


From the series "Enchanted Beadscapes" inspired by the hues of sunset. The detailing of this art piece might knock off your socks (but let's hope not your teeth)

Material: Cotton threads, acrylic yarns, zari, recycled cloths, merino wool, wooden beads, glass beads, plastic beads, stainless steel dowel